• Testimonials

Watch this brief video and learn about the impact Spearhead Executive Coaching is having at Sudbury's Health Sciences North through the Physician Coaching and Leadership Development Program.

What our clients say about Spearhead Executive Coaching

Our survey says...

  • 92% of coaching participants are extremely satisfied with their overall coaching experience.
  • 85% of coaching participants are extremely likely to recommend Spearhead Executive Coaching to colleagues or contacts.
  • 100% of coaching participants say coaching with Spearhead Executive Coaching was extremely good value for the money.

Client comments

  • "I was really skeptical at first with how an executive coach could help me. Being a very passionate, self-motivated person, I didnít understand what Spearhead could do to help advance my career past my own abilities. Spearhead Executive Coaching has given me a new light on what true leadership is and has provided me with an arsenal of tools to help me thrive in a competitive market, and for that I am eternally grateful!"
  • "Iíve learned to handle difficult interactions with staff and stakeholders in a much more positive and diplomatic way, which has enabled better relations and more positive work environment..."
  • "I really enjoyed the learnings and think it helped me to secure a more senior position within the organization."
  • "I enjoyed my time with Maureen immensely. It really brought me back on track and I will always be grateful."
  • "As a person, and as a professional, Iíve truly been transformed into a new and improved individual as a result of the coaching I received."
  • "Spearhead sessions were always on time and scheduled for what was best for you. Very communicative, Katherine wastes no time and really gives you the full benefit of the sessions keeping you accountable so you will succeed. She absolutely gets to know you and digs deep to find out what you want and need to succeed on a professional level which definitely filters into your personal success. It was great fun working with Katherine and hard work. You had to prepare and practise exercises before the next session and learn from them. All human beings need a boost. To this day when my journey hits a bump, I refer to my notes from 2010/2011 and hear Katherine saying " Lisa..." and it all works out."
  • "The coaches at Spearhead make the transition from old habits to new habits an enjoyable learning experience..."

Lessons learned from Spearhead Executive Coaching in the words of our clients:

  • "Coping mechanisms during times of stress."
  • "Strategies for re-creating my 'brand'."
  • "Communications strategies for staff."
  • "Many of the items we covered were dealing with staff and approaching interpersonal issues. The coaching was very situational based, Katherine was able to walk me through different approaches and offer guidance. I benefited from her experience and it helped me to deal with a number of key situations and come to a good resolution for all."
  • "Step outside of my comfort zone - being uncomfortable can be a good thing."
  • "I like having a framework within which to deal with difficult issues."
  • "I got my workspace sorted out properly."
  • "Be prepared, know your material, be focussed and do it."
  • "To understand, appreciate, and trust in the Leadership skills I already have in my tool kit and always look for ways to improve upon them."