• Our Team

Katherine Craig, architect of innovative tools such as the New Hire Coaching Program and the Physician Coaching and Leadership Development Program, is an executive coach with over 20 years of global experience. She has been elevating individual and team performance, succession planning, performance review, strategy and program development for public and private sector clients in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Her engaging delivery, and her ability to synthesize key organizational drivers and translate them into tangible learning tools, makes her workshops, retreats and coaching sessions motivating and relevant to client needs.

Nominated for the Golden Apple Award for her management development program in healthcare, Katherine's expertise is in coaching senior executives and teams in healthcare, high tech, business solutions, provincial and federal governments and education. She has worked with such organizations as Health Sciences North, the City of Guelph, the City of Surrey, American Management Systems, Nortel, Alberta Health Services, Interior Health Authority, and successfully led international government negotiations between Canada and Jamaica.

As an expert in succession planning she has been a speaker for the Conference Board of Canada and lectured on the principles of leadership at the University of British Columbia. In addition, she's been a guest speaker at Human Resources Professionals annual conferences across Canada. She is currently a part-time instructor at the Art Institute of Vancouver teaching Psychology and Ethics in their degree program.

She has contributed to trade publications for organizations such as the Human Resource Professionals Association (Ottawa Chapter), Family Services, and the BC Human Resources Management Association. She has also appeared several times as an authority on career transitions on the television series North of 60.

Katherine holds a graduate degree in Education (Counselling) from the University of Ottawa and undergraduate degrees in Education and Psychology from Queen's University and Trent University respectively and is a Member of the World Association of Business Coaches. She is also certified as an EQiŽ Coach and as a Master Trainer with VitalSmarts' "Crucial Conversations" workshops.

In 2012 she released her first book, Power Tools for Leadership Success, a quick and concise resource for leaders, both aspiring and established.

Maureen Miller's specialty is change management and organizational re-structuring. She also works with union employees and conflict resolution.

Using research data collected from current styles of coaching, she has created a multi-disciplined approach to guiding companies, executives and management through transition and organizational restructuring. She believes the best method of bridging the gap from "sinking to success" is to build the most unique method possible to suit the needs of her clients.

She has worked with Calgary Technologies Inc. at the Alastair Ross Center in Alberta. This business incubator offered an environment in which Maureen had the opportunity to coach leading-edge IT companies, helping them create their own unique organizational structure and prepare for venture capitalist forums.

She also worked with Gulf Canada as an on-site project manager for their Coal Division, where she authored a project manual to guide all future coal explorations, and worked on multiple projects throughout British Columbia.

From her 20 years of organizational experiences, Maureen has created numerous workshops dealing with leadership, communication and change management.

A sought-after speaker through Toastmasters, Maureen also created, produced and directed her own local coaching television program called "Chance to Change". Every show featured her as a coach working with local business owners.

Maureen's background in education enhances her skills as a coach and teacher, and makes her an engaging host, presenter and facilitator, expertly navigating the waters of change.

Maureen is a Professional Certified Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a faculty member of Coach Inc School. She also is certified as an EQiŽ Coach. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Calgary.

Patricia is known for disciplined vision and professional composure. She works with executives, professionals, and their teams to build capacity and capability for a great place to work and a great bottom-line.

She speaks the language of excellence and details. Conscientious and highly motivated, she works best with clients who have low tolerance for mediocrity and complacency. When executives detect complacency in their workplace, they call upon her to articulate the consequences and move forward with best practices that enhance performance. Her sense of clarity and structure contribute to finding practical compromises while developing a strong business case and strong relationships that solicit buy-in at all levels of the organization.

She is sensitive to the basic needs of autonomy, relatedness, and competence and strongly believes that those needs must be satisfied at work in order for the workplace to be a great place for everyone.

She is a contributing author in Awakening the Workplace, Volume 2. Achieving Connection, Fulfillment and Success at Work, and blogs about everyday workplace issues. She has launched an innovative coaching program for executive and professional women who are returning to work during and after cancer treatment.

She is a Professional Certified Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is active in her local Chapter. She is also certified as an EQiŽ and Emotional PowerŽ Coach and as a Retirement Options Coach. She holds certification in Occupational Health and Safety (Ontario) and helps clients implement programs for workplace health and safety, violence and harassment, and customer service accessibility for people with disabilities. She is an IQA/IRCA Accredited Lead Assessor for Quality Systems.

As a freelance writer, Sara has the privilege of meeting professionals from all corners, learning about their trade and sharing their ideas in print. She earned degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University in 1992 and worked in a diverse range of professions before turning to full-time freelance work. Her experiences as an importer and marketing agent in the wine industry, a human resources manager in the field of event and conference planning and as a consultant for non-profits seeking funding and marketing support gave her opportunities to learn from dynamic, engaged entrepreneurs and establish strong business communication skills.

Currently Sara works with stakeholders in the fields of oil & gas, forestry, high tech, human resources, public relations, and social welfare.