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SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

Let's get started.

Dear friends,

Welcome back! With summer in the rear-view mirror and autumn in full sight out the windshield, it's time to step on the gas and get back to business. It's an exciting time of year. It's a time to deliver year-end goals and objectives, and start developing plans for the new year.

Perhaps your organization has already considered a program of leadership development to enhance individual, team and company performance. You've identified the need for quarterly retreats, educational workshops, maybe succession planning or one-on-one leadership training. Your vision might be clear, your needs established, your course set. Or you might still be looking at the map, trying to choose a destination. Wherever you are in the journey, we've got the resources to fuel your success, the means to help you meet - and exceed - your potential.

Our programs are surprisingly flexible and affordable. We know One Size doesn't fit all; we can customize your program to suit your specific needs.

As you embark on your leadership development journey, keep in mind that One Size rarely fits all. You can read more about this concept, and how it might apply to your plans, in "Models Schmodels", a look at the value of 'quick-fix' business models.

If you have questions, comments, or want to learn more about the services and programs we offer, we'd love to hear from you.


Katherine Craig
Founder and CEO
Spearhead Executive Coaching

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Models Schmodels

As I was doing research this summer I got entirely aggravated with business models that promised to solve every workplace woe. I spent a lot of time pinning my hopes on these promises for a lot of years then just gave up on them entirely for a while. Neither was a particularly smart path. The road to enlightenment lies in between buying the goods lock, stock and smoking barrel and total denial. Actually, you know the catch already. Read Model Schmodels and make the business models serve you instead of you serving them.


Recommended Reading

The First 90 Days - Michael Watkins

Watkins is one of the world's leadership transition gurus out of Harvard Business School. The First 90 Days is a do-it-yourself guide as to how to succeed in your new leadership post. My clients find it very user friendly as it's easy to read and well laid out. The book has plenty of charts, self-assessments, data and tips to cover all the bases. By Watkins' reckoning you have just three months to prove yourself in a new leadership role. With this book as a reference tool you will be well equipped to succeed. My tip for the day: read this before you start the new role so you have your ducks in a row. (2003, Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, Massachusetts)