• New Hire Coaching

Get The Most Out Of New Employees

Staffing represents the single largest ongoing investment your company makes, so why wouldn't you strive to maximize a return on this perpetual investment at the earliest possible moment? You know you have the perfect candidate; why not tap into the one-on-one support that can unleash their potential and deliver the results you desire, faster?

The New Hire Coaching Program is a short-term, seven session model that offers customised coaching to new hires from Canada and abroad. A small investment will net you large - and lasting - rewards.


  • First session before their first day on the job
  • Outreach within 72 business hours of hiring to set up first appointment
  • One hour sessions every two weeks for three months
  • Quick calls and emails to cover urgent topics and provide additional resources
  • No travel costs: all sessions are conducted by phone
  • Completely confidential
  • Sessions available in English and French
  • Partners with your HR practices


  • Increases new hire loyalty and retention
  • Decreases new hire anxiety thus increasing productivity
  • Allows your hiring manager to focus on deliverables, not hand-holding
  • Gives new hire the ability to show their skills in a positive light from day one
  • Lets employees know you value them from the moment they're hired
  • Helps you realize a faster ROI