• [Work] Life After Cancer: Getting Back to [Your] Normal

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Treatment and recovery are among the biggest challenges of your life. There can be a tremendous amount of mental strain and anxiety, over and above the obvious physical challenges, both during the treatment, and when you return to work.

Have you lost your rung on the ladder? Can you recover from the financial setbacks? Can you re-establish meaningful, productive relationships with your colleagues? Can you get back the drive, the ambition, the confidence you had? You want to get back to 'normal life.' Can you?

Of course you can.

Spearhead Executive Coaching is launching a Signature Coaching Program, [Work] Life After Cancer, tailored to professionals returning to work during and after cancer treatment.

Using the EQi 2.0™ model as a base, we'll help you reclaim your focus and confidence, giving you the tools you need to return to your normal life.

Designed and conducted by one of Spearhead's lead Associates, Patricia Muir, a Cancer Survivor since 2013, this program will help you regain your self-confidence, self-awareness, optimism, sense of well-being, and resilience.

In essence, you'll get your "mojo" back.

About the Program

  • EQi 2.0™ Assessment to establish your priorities.
  • 10 one-to-one coaching sessions over 6 months, or 12, or more. It's up to you.
  • Designed specifically for cancer patients during and after treatment.

About the Coach

Patricia Muir is a Professional Certified Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a certified EQiŽ and Emotional PowerŽ Coach. She holds certification in Occupational Health and Safety (Ontario), has expertise in return-to-work planning for people with disabilities, and is a Cancer Survivor.

Here's what her clients have to say:

"After my cancer treatments, my mind was confused and I found it difficult to process information. I knew something had to change before my return to a very busy work schedule. With great compassion and guidance, Patricia helped me regain my self-confidence, continue with my self-care, and integrate the changes I wanted to make to create a better balance in my life. Many of the very practical solutions that she shared with me helped create clarity of mind and allowed me to make sound decisions.

Patricia's support has made this new chapter in my life more fulfilling, has given me clear direction and has helped me create new standards for my life."

M.B., Toronto

"Patricia is a deeply knowledgeable professional coach and consultant. She uses her experience and wisdom to ask probing questions and in turn provide insightful feedback. Patricia administered the EQi to me and then carefully interpreted the results while providing meaningful and practical suggestions for how I could further develop my abilities. Her work with me has been extremely beneficial. She is passionate about her work and she truly cares about making a difference. I would not hesitate to recommend Patricia."

L.W., Business Owner

"Patricia is one of those people you instinctively trust and respect. She has an amazingly empathic ability to know in which direction you want to go. Whatever role she undertakes, she always performs beyond expectation. She raised the bar for me and other future leaders. She is a skilled leader, mentor and coach who brings out the need for everyone to raise their own personal standards."

S.O., Manager

"Patricia is a true professional with absolute integrity. She partners with Associates in a highly collaborative and respectful way. I know her to be highly dedicated to her clients, providing them with exceptional service quality. She is committed to her ongoing professional development as a Leadership and Business Coach and an EQ facilitator."

S.E., Business Owner and Associate

"Patricia's extensive business experience coupled with her personal desire to see people succeed makes her an excellent coach and mentor. I would certainly recommend her."

R.J., Transitioning Executive